Wholesale Business of Decorative House Key Blanks – A New Source of Profit

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Published: 03rd August 2012
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A house key or a door key is a common daily household product used by every home, every person, and for every day. It is something you can’t live without. Every person must have at least one key and many have a big bunch of keys for different rooms. Nowadays, every item we use in our daily life is more or less connected with modern fashion, but for hundreds or thousands of years since keys were invented by our ancestors, our keys have never substantially changed their old and dull looking. Can we make our keys stylish and fashionable? Yes, and definitely! There is no reason we shouldn’t decorate our keys to make them nicer, and there is no reason we can’t find ways to decorate them. We would use a stylish hair clip to attract admirations, and likewise, we can use a nicely decorated house key to express our personality or our taste.
Good! A few innovative companies like Cowin Metal & Plastic have kicked the ball and ball is starting to roll! Actually, decorative house keys have been in the market for several years. And there are many different styles. The typical one is painted key (also called printed key by some companies). Arising from Italy, painted keys have been so popular in the past years. Painted Disney keys and painted sport team keys (NBA house keys, NHL house keys, NFL house keys, MLB house keys, AFL house keys, NRL house keys) have made a hit in the market. Gift companies are also ordering thousands of painted promotional house keys for their customers. As one of the earliest developer and manufacturer of decorative house keys, Cowin Metal & Plastic Co., Ltd. has seen the market growing year after year. To meet the market demand, they have developed various new styles of decorative house keys ranging from painted house keys to zinc alloy cast keys, enamel house keys to rhinestone house keys, soft PVC 3D colored house keys to photo house keys.
In China, the painted brass keys are called the 1st generation of decorative house keys, while the zinc alloy cast keys are called the 2nd generation of decorative house keys. But the consumers have found shortcomings with both the 1st and 2nd generations of decorative house keys. Firstly, the painted keys are printed through dye sublimation. Because of printing under high temperature, the printing is very durable and can endure scratch by nail. However, the graphic designs printed on the flat metal surface of the key blank can still be worn in a relatively long period (a few months) of usage. The 2nd generation of decorative house keys has overcome the shortcoming of the 1st generation by introducing a 3D casting and coloring process. But the material used to cast the keys is zinc alloy instead of brass. It is too soft and hard to cut to duplicate the keys. And the zinc alloy casting process can’t guarantee accuracy of the key profiles. Experience of our ancestors tells us that brass is the best metal to make key blanks. It is strong, easy to cut, and does not rust easily.
To overcome the aforementioned problems of the 1st and 2nd generations of decorative keys, Cowin Metal & Plastic Co., Ltd. has developed the 3rd generation of decorative keys – 3D house keys with combination of two metals to take into consideration of both aesthetic and functional performances. The 3rd generation of decorative house keys will be perfect and it will surely trigger a revolution in the market of house key blanks. The 3rd-generation decorative house keys have numerous synonyms: 3D sculpted house keys; 3D fashion house keys; 3D designer house keys; 3D fancy house keys; 3D fun keys; 3D key blanks; 3D house key blanks etc.
Visit http://www.printedkeyblank.com and contact Cowin Metal & Plastic to learn more and be their partners to develop the thriving new market of decorative house keys.

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